How do I contact Warface: GO tech support?
The easiest way is to do it from within the game. The gear icon on the left side of the screen > Help tab (at the bottom) > Support. If the game doesn’t launch, you can use the direct link.

Will the game run on my device?
To run it you will need an internet connection, ~800 mb of free space and a device with Android at least version 7.0 or iOS at least 10.0.

The buttons are not very conveniently located! What to do?
In Warface: GO the interface can be customized by changing its position on the screen. The gear icon on the left side of the screen > Controls > Interface. It can also be changed in combat. The bubble icon in the upper left corner of the screen > Interface.

What’s this weird call sign I have? How do I change it?
Initially you will be given an automatically generated nickname. You can change it immediately after training. To do this, just tap on your character’s name while in the character menu. The name can be changed multiple times, but each subsequent change costs gold.

Is there any point in changing anything else in the settings?
Yes. If you have a powerful device, it makes sense to improve the graphics: initially its quality will be high, but not top-notch. The maximum settings will have to be set manually. In some cases it also makes sense to worsen the graphics or reduce FPS from 60 to 30. This will reduce the load on the device, reducing battery consumption and heating rate.

If you play with an Android-compatible gamepad, it sometimes makes sense to disable autoshoot. But in general, this feature helps rather than hinders, so don’t touch it unnecessarily.

Is there PvE, special operations in Warface: GO?
No. At the moment it is 100% PvP-oriented game.

And what modes are available in PvP?
“Point Capture” and “Team Combat”. The mode is randomly selected every time you click on the “Engage” button. In both modes you play in teams of 4 people each.

The locations here are the same as in Warface for PC?
Only “Hangar” (you’ll see it right away). The rest of the locations have a completely new topology, although fans of the PC version will easily recognize some familiar scenery.

Are the classes of fighters still the same?
In Warface: GO you have a universal class, which can use all the arsenal presented in the game: you can take, for example, a shotgun as the main weapon and a sniper rifle as an additional weapon. In addition, each fighter can restore his own armor and health with the help of appropriate items.

How do the guns in Warface: GO differ from the guns in Warface PC?
In Warface: GO guns look the same and have similar names, but they can be distinguished by a completely different set of qualities and characteristics. Plus many elements of equipment and weapons in Warface: GO have passive skills – perks. They, for example, can reduce incoming damage by 30% or speed up reloading by 20%.

Are there more live players or bots in Warface: GO?
The first (training) battle will definitely be with bots. All subsequent ones will be with live players.

Why can I see enemy fighters’ markers through walls? Is it a bug?
You can see the markers of enemy fighters who are in visual contact with your team members. This feature was added because of the peculiarities of gameplay on mobile devices: the screen is smaller, turning your head is not so convenient, and sounds are often turned off. Believe me, without this feature, many players would be lost on the battlefield, and fun shootouts would be replaced by tedious searches for each other in different corners of the map.

What are pistols for? How to use them at all?
Your fighter will automatically switch to a pistol if the equipped weapon runs out of ammo and the enemy is still alive and in the crosshairs.

And how do you attack with a knife?
It’s more complicated. You need to run up to the enemy closely, and then the melee attack button becomes active. However, without pressing the button, there will be no attack. A melee attack always kills the enemy from the first hit.

Should I save grenades?
You should not throw them where there are no enemies. But if the enemy is playing from defense, or 2 enemy fighters are standing together, feel free to throw them. Yes, grenades are not infinite, but the game will soon give you new ones. Throwing lemonade is one of the easiest ways to get frags and earn MVP.

What’s an MVP?
Most valuable player – the most valuable fighter in the match. The one who was the most active in capturing points and destroying enemies. Getting MVP is a prerequisite for some missions.